We have a Finnish sauna with an electric heater. The sauna has 3 couches and can accommodate up to 4 guests.

The sauna has a vestibule where you can change if necessary. Or when it is cold and raining, you can cool down quietly inside or take a rest and read a book or magazine. Next to the sauna is a cold outdoor shower.

B&B guests who use the sauna can enter the terrace and grounds of the sauna directly through the private terrace. So you can go from the room to the sauna in complete privacy.

Body and soul

The sauna is healthy. . Regularly going to the sauna, for example, once a week increases the resistance of your body.

The heat of the sauna ensures that the body produces more white blood cells, so that viruses and bacteria have less chance. Sweating also cleans your pores. Sweating also cleans your pores. In addition, sauna is very beneficial for blood circulation and also helps against joint pain. So do!

Prices sauna (3 hours)

B&B guests 1 person € 20,00
2 people € 30,00
3rd or 4th person € 7,00
Sauna visit only 2 people € 40,00
additional person € 7,50
Towel package
(incl. sauna towel and a normal towel)
per person

per person

€ 4,00

€ 3,50

For B&B guests is a sauna towel included in the price.
If needed, you can rent a sauna towel and bathrobe for an additional cost.

Please bring your own slippers and bath rope.

For €25 extra, you can reserve the B&B with use of toilet and hot shower during sauna use (provided it is free on the relevant day). Please bring your own sauna towel, bath slippers and bathrobe. Ask about options.